August 2005 – September 2013

There was never a more beautiful, outgoing, or loving dog than Sophie. In her life she traveled thousands of miles to untold parks, national monuments, & incredible places… in all that time never met a stranger. She went on to become an ambassador for the Japanese Chin breed, a fund raiser for charities, & a social media star with her own Facebook page with thousands of adoring fans. “The Charming Chin”, as she was known, was one-of-a-kind & loved very much by her Dear ol’ Dad. She passed away due to complications with CHF. Even though she’s over the Rainbow Bridge, Sophie still reaches out to those that love her through her Facebook pictures, stories & always present Chin attitude.


The best mini motley cru anyone could want! You brought so much fun and love to all our lives! Come back to us when you are ready and we will do it all again! Love you forever!


March 2005 – November 2017

My beautiful Xia ♡
Her and her sister hadn’t even opened their eyes yet when I met them. Everytime I picked up one of the little girls, her tail would wag. And everytime I placed her back onto her blanket, her tail would stop. I fell in love, paid for her, and visited her weekly until she was able to come home with me at 8 weeks. I named her Xia, the glow of the sunrise. I then noticed she had one little pink toe and my imagination took off. Xia led me into a 10 year adventure of writing, publishing, bookstore signings, marketing, bookfairs, guest author appearances, school visits, author in the schools talks and more! What a cool adventure I had with this little girl. I miss her so much ♡


November 22, 2009 – June 25, 2023

Our beloved baby. You rescued us as much as we rescued you.


Sunrise 8/18/2000 – Sunset 03/11/2022

My soul kitty for life, till this day just the mere thought of you, I shed tears. You were always my favorite Hello at the start of my day, but you were my hardest goodbye. You battled your cancer so bravely for 2 and a half years with such dignity and our conversation was you would let me know when you were tired and could no longer fight, so that last night together we had both known that would be our last day together in the living. I will see you again my Beautiful Black Queen.