Meet Our Best Care Anywhere Team of Doctors

Dr. Jessica Laemmle

Dr. Jessica Laemmle grew up a horse crazy kid and worked as a groom throughout high school.  She got her Bachelor of Animal Science degree from University of California of Davis.

Dr. Alcyen Silva

Dr. Alcyen Silva graduated from Ross University in 2016. Her clinical interests include imaging, emergency surgery, and ophthalmology but most importantly she loves forming trusting and supportive relationships with owners in order to make the best treatment plans for their animals.

Dr. Chanel Redden

Dr. Redden grew up in Battle, Michigan, also known as Cereal City. She has always loved animals and grew up with dogs in her home. She was inspired to become a veterinarian after her family’s Rottweiler, Peddie, passed away from lymphoma despite having chemotherapy at the age of three.

Meet more of our best care anywhere team…


I had a childhood surrounded by animals, from an aviary of birds, to aquariums of fish, dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles, and a horse, so it was only natural for me follow a career working with animals. After attending UC Davis, majoring in Wildlife Biology, I worked briefly as an elephant trainer, before landing back in San Diego as a Zookeeper. The majority of my 15 year career was spent in the nursery, hand-rearing baby mammals. 

I transitioned to the veterinary field in 2019, as a technician, focusing on caring for some of my favorite animals, dogs and cats.  I recently completed additional training to become a registered veterinary technician, and will soon be attending human nursing school. 

As a pet parent myself, I am proud to join the Freddie’s Place team to provide cutting edge care at an affordable cost. With two wonderful senior dogs and a cheeky orange cat, I empathize with any pet parent seeking the best care for their fur babies, especially when immediate vet care is needed, and will work to provide the best care and experience possible for pets and their owners.


Hello! I’ve been in the veterinary industry for 10+ years, starting as a kennel assistant and working my way to being a veterinary nurse. I graduated from San Diego State University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology-Zoology, and also a Minor in Environmental Studies. While going through the competitive application process for veterinary school, I felt that the hands-on connection to veterinary medicine was, for me, the most rewarding as a technician. Switching gears in 2019, I passed the VTNE and officially became a Registered Veterinary Technician. I enjoy the rush of assisting with surgeries, routine or emergency; and on the calmer side of things, I enjoy providing families with the education and materials to give their fur babies the best possible care. I’m very passionate about dental/oral health and take pride in my dental extraction skills. I have a soft spot for “spicier” patients and I’m comfortable with doing whatever I can to ease their stress in a hospital setting. I’m grateful to be a part of the Freddie’s Place team!

In my (rare) down time, I enjoy being outdoors, exploring new food spots, and attending music festivals or concerts. If I decide on a “lazy” day, I’ll be cuddling up with my two fur babies — Sir Oliver Garfield Chesterton III and Panda Roo Moo Cow!


Hello everyone, my name is Ivy and this is Gigi pug. I’ve had her for three years now, she is quite the fun. She loves to sleep in all day and play at night. I grew up with lots of animals from dogs to cattle. I always loved caring for them and as I grew older I knew I wanted to be able help give your fur babies the best life possible. I started with dog sitting during the summers, then I worked at a dog boarding facility while attending Pima Medical Institute, and now I am at Freddie’s Place which has been the best choice. It is a great place with great people and a great learning environment!


Hello! I was born and raised in East Los Angeles until I turned 18 and joined the Marine Corps for 5 years. After ending my contract honorably, I always knew my true passion and dream was to work with animals. I get to do this as a career now and I couldn’t be happier with my choice! I’m currently furthering my studies in the veterinary field and hope to be able to help you and your fur babies.


Hey everyone, my name is Ileana and this is Waldomir James, otherwise know as Waldo. He is a covid rescue, mastiff mix.  We’ve both been in the field for quite some time now, myself being a veterinary assistant for about 6 years and him being an avid blood donor for the past 2 years. When not at work you can find us at the gym or the park playing with his favorite purple ball. With a passion for helping animals and educating clients on pet care, we are ready and excited to be a part of Freddie’s team.


Hello, my name is Paige and this is my cat boo boo. I first started working in the veterinary field in high school, starting off as a kennel assistant. Over 7 years later I am now a technician in the field and I love what I do. When I’m not at work, I enjoy getting outdoors.


Hey everyone, my name is Miriam and this is Mila. I started working with animals when I got a job at Petco. I loved taking care all different types of animals. I decided I wanted to get more involved so I attended a vet assistant course. Now here I am 7 years later and loving it. At home I have a turtle and a dog who love to sunbathe together.


Hi, I’m Tanya. Ever since I was a little kid I knew that I wanted to work in animal care. I am proud to work here at Freddie’s where your little one’s care comes first!


Hello everyone my name is Vanessa a little bit about me I have a cat named Zuko who enjoys cuddle time especially when he wants food & loves to make a ruckus at night to play, run around & knock things down but he’s my amazing emotional support animal! I attended Pima medical institute to be able to be in this amazing field and help your fur babies feel better!


Salutations people, my name is Solly and I had began my animal career back in 1993 as a kennel attendant. I took some time off and in 2002 returning to being a kennel attendant and eventually working my way up to Technician. I worked 18 of those years with one hospital becoming the main surgery technician in obtaining  my credentials as an RVT, CVT with two states, Wisconsin, and California. I am more than thrilled to be joining Freddie’s Place and offer my experience with helping in animal care.


Hello my name is Yvette and I have been a tech for about 8 years. I have worked in general practice hospitals but my true passion is in emergency medicine. I enjoy the fast pace work and nursing animals back to health. When I’m not at work I am a full-time mom to my two little boys, two dogs, two sulcata tortoises and my cat.


Hey, my name’s Izzy, and that’s my furbaby, Kio! I have been in the field for 3 years now and absolutely love learning about everything related to animal health care. I’m going to school to become a registered veterinary technician. My passion is urgent/emergency and surgeries because there is so much to learn within those cases. Freddie’s Place has such a fun, welcoming energy and I am excited to grow and further my career here!


Hi, my name is Kilistina. I am a born and raised Oceanside, Ca native. For as long as I can remember, not realizing it, I’ve been caring and nurturing animals back to health, from birds falling out of their nests to stray cats roaming the block. I was the the kid that brought everything home “can we keep it?” It wasn’t until I was fresh out of high school, I was hired as kennel at Mission Animal Bird Hospital and from there I just knew that I wanted to do more. I went to college, graduated with AAS degree in Veterinary Technology. Fast forward 12 years I now have the joy of working EMERGENCY CRITICAL CARE and loving it. I have 3 fur babies of my own, Alvin my everything dog still kicking at 19, I also have his feline brothers, Theodore and Pepe, and the dynamic duo Slimshady. When I’m not working, which is rare, you can find me at concerts, a local hole in the wall restaurant and traveling.


Hi guys! My name is Karolina and this little bundle of joy is who helped me start my journey as a client service representative in the veterinary field! Her name is Morty, with the help of her brother Eddy, they have made me enjoy every second of being not only a cat mom but also providing an experience that I would want to receive with a fur baby. Over 5 years of being in the field, I’m proud it has brought to be a member of the Freddie’s Place team where we keep the ball rolling!


Hi, my name is Erin. My whole life I have been taking care of animals. Growing up with a family of animal lovers we nursed a variety of wildlife back to health. I have been working off and on in the veterinary industry since 2000. My passion for animals and working in an environment that truly cares about clients, patients, and employees has led me to Freddie’s Place.