Hi Freddie’s Friends!
Meet our Patient of the Month for March, Kobe! Kobe is a 8 month old Goldendoodle puppy who was brought in on February 16th by his owner after having one of his marrow bone treats stuck around his bottom jaw. After continuing with a brief exam, Dr. Laemmle and her technicians on staff created a treatment plan to have Kobe sedated while they safely removed the bone. Kobe was lucky enough to have a quick and easy recovery! With that being said, Kobe’s parents also allowed us to take this amazing experience to create an educational opportunity for all pet owners and make them aware of how common this occurrence is. Though these “O” shaped bones may be a very savory and delicious treat for our fur friends, we do advise owners to be very cautious when having our pets snack on these bones unsupervised. Luckily, Kobe’s case was an ideal recovery, but there is always the possibility of your pet enduring dental and oral injuries during this experience. Thank you again, to Kobe and his family for allowing us not only to be a part of this rewarding experience, but to also be a part of his medical journey.
– Freddie’s Place Animal Hospital & Urgent Care