Freddie’s Place Animal Hospital and Urgent Care came from the good work our Pekingese Freddie did when he was with us.

Freddie was a Therapy Dog, he went to hospice, schools for homeless children, nursing homes, cancer wards and camps, also burn victim camps, airports and many more events and locations. People loved him and he loved spending time with everyone, he loved being the center of attention and loved cheering people up.

When he passed away, we vowed to keep his memory of giving back to the community going. We started a Foundation “A Favor for Freddie”

Freddie’s favorite toy was a Red Ball, so the motto of the foundation is “Keeping the Ball Rolling.”

Unfortunately, we started in the middle of the pandemic so the direction of the foundation was hard to navigate, In the interim while we found our vision, we did multiple pet pantries, where people would drive through (No Contact), and we would give them bags of dog and cat food. Similar to Feeding San Diego but for dogs & cats.

Unfortunately, we had to go to emergency with one of our dogs and realized how expensive it was; if we hadn’t been in the financial situation we were, we would have had to make a very difficult decision. At this point our vision was clear, “A Favor for Freddie” would help people with Emergency Vet care to help stabilize their pet overnight until they can figure out their next steps.

The next few months we met with many vet clinics and couldn’t figure out a way to incorporate our vision without the Doctors having the resources to appropriately qualify the client for assistance.

This is when we decided to open our own clinic to navigate the Foundation Funds in house to make sure the appropriate distribution of funds go to those who are in need.

Freddie’s Place Animal Hospital and Urgent Care will be operated from the Client Standpoint. We are taking from our many years of experiences, of what we liked and didn’t like about any Veterinarian visit, and adopt or improve on it. From the receptionist to the unnecessary upselling of unneeded services and tests, to non-compassionate technicians, just the overall experience. Not to mention the crazy high prices.

So, we teamed up with some Freddie minded doctors and came up with the concept of providing OLD-FASHIONED pet care with the latest technology, no commission on doctors, fair prices for clients, and help from the foundation if needed.