In-house Diagnostics & Pharmacy

For emergent and urgent cases, fast diagnostic results help our veterinarians to identify the problem and formulate a treatment plan. Our in-house diagnostics include radiology and ultrasound. Our veterinarians, sometimes augmented by board specialists, read images in a timely manner. Guests can easily view the diagnostic test results via the online pet portal.

Finally, we maintain a well-equipped surgical suite (if surgery is needed). We also prioritize pain management to help your pet feel comfortable. At Freddie’s Place, your pet’s well-being is our top priority.

How You Can Streamline the Process

Freddie’s Place operates on a walk-in/waitlist model, and we triage every case that comes through our doors. Emergency and urgent care patients will receive care first.

Wellness and preventive care patients will also be accommodated. While not required, we encourage our guests to call ahead 760-FREDDIE to get on the waitlist. This allows our vets and technicians to prepare for a pet’s urgent and/or emergent care needs ahead of their arrival. Guests can also save time by completing their pet’s paperwork on the hospital’s online patient portal.

If you feel your pet is experiencing an emergency or urgent care issue, we would be honored to help resolve it. Call ahead 760-FREDDIE to get on our waiting list or bring your pet straight in for care.

Freddie's Place Animal Hospital and Urgent Care, Freddie hiding between stuffed animals.
Full List of Services
  • Personalized pet portal with all info available in-house diagnostics

  • Full general health profiles

  • CBC with lab verified differential within 2 hours

  • PT/PTT

  • TLi

  • Fecal testing lab verified within 2 hours

  • Cytology with board certified pathologist report within 2 hours

  • T4

  • Tick disease screening ie 4 plex

  • Parvo testing

  • FELV/FIV testing

  • Radiology with Radiologist review within 2 hours

  • State of art oxygen therapy

  • Genetic screening with breed & medical profile

  • 24 hr in hospital care

  • Dental radiology

  • Non anesthetic dental for patients that qualify

  • Cold laser

  • Board certified surgeons available, soft tissue and orthopedic by appointment

  • Ability to load all medical records in one place even records from other hospitals

  • Telemedicine