Urgent & Emergency Care

Our Emergency and Urgent Care Services Can Address Your Pet’s Illnesses and Injuries

When your pet is injured or sick, you’re understandably worried and you want to get them some help. You know your dog or cat needs professional attention. However, maybe you don’t currently have a veterinarian, or your regular vet isn’t open right now. So, what can you do?

Fortunately, Freddie’s Place Animal Hospital and Urgent Care is ready to help. Our skilled veterinarians and technicians and full in-house diagnostics services equip us to handle the majority of emergency cases that come through our doors. Plus, our extended hours mean we’re available when many veterinary practices are closed.

Examples of Emergent
or Urgent Issues
  • Allergic Reaction (swollen face, muzzle, or eyes; hives, or sudden diarrhea)

  • Choking or Breathing Difficulties

  • Collapse (may be preceded by weakness or breathing difficulties)

  • Obvious Injuries (broken limbs, bleeding lacerations, bite wounds)

  • Pale or Discolored Gums

  • Suspected Heatstroke

  • Sustained Coughing

  • Swollen Abdomen

  • Toxic Material Ingestion

  • Trauma Injuries

  • Vomiting or Dry Heaving