Oxygen Therapy

Here at Freddie’s Place we can provide state of the art Oxygen therapy and nebulization.We have several sizes of oxygen chambers for the comfort of our patients including giant breed canines.

Our tanks fill in 2 minutes or less so there is no long wait time once the patient arrives. Compare this to most chambers that can take 15 to 20 minutes to reach therapeutic oxygen levels.  This is very important in emergency situations where every minute is critical.  Medications and IVF can be provided while in chamber through ports in the doors.  Heat support or cooling depending on needs can also be provided directly in the chamber.

During a hypoxic crisis, patient comfort is extremely important as any stress increases respiratory rates and compromises patient recovery.  We can provide food and water in the chamber since there is plenty of room for patient to move around. Should we need to open the chamber to manage the patient there is very little compromise of delivered oxygen since our chamber will automatically set to refill to original programmed levels in less than 2 minutes.  Cost for this service is in addition to medications and other treatment the patient may need. As always we at Freddie’s Place will give you an estimate and medical plan for all services.



Size Oxygen (Cost per Hour)
0-35 lbs $45.00/hr
36-50 lbs $55.00/hr
51-100 lbs $65.00/hr
101 lbs and up $75.00/hr