End-of-Life Care

Freddie's Place End of Life Care RoomSaying goodbye to your pet is never easy. We’ll make this end-of-life experience as comfortable as possible for you. We’ll provide a homelike comfort room and honor our guests’ special requests. Unless our vets are handling a life-or-death emergency case, you won’t have to wait. If you’re not quite sure, our vets can also provide consultation services.

Private Euthanasia will be done in our separate comfort room. Family can create their own theme with available music and media. $180.00

We can provide cremation services:

Individual –   Loved one cremated in their own space. Ashes placed in beautiful wooden urn with a paw print and fur clipping.  Ashes will then be hand delivered to your home. No return trip to the hospital. $300.00

Custom Urns and Keepsakes available at additional costs through Crematorium. Email fureverlovedpets@yahoo.com or Call: (619) 519-1711

Communal Cremation – A pawprint from your loved one will be made and sent to your home.  Then your loved one will be cremated with other pets.  Communal Ashes scattered by crematorium.  $150.00

If your family would like to personally take care of the body, we will place your loved one in a cardboard casket for easier transport at no extra cost.

Pet Memorial Wall