Wellness and Urgent/Emergency Care, its a subject nobody wants to talk about until you HAVE to discuss it.  When you do HAVE to discuss it, its often too late and just a terrible rush for help, searches on Google or calling friends for advice… panic and confusion.  There has to be a better way to be more prepared mentally, logically, tactically and financially so that the focus of this critical moment is on the right target… your pet.

We all know that our love is limitless for our fur babies… after all they are family, as much family as the flesh and blood children or siblings we hold close in our lives. The difference being, our human loved ones can verbalize pain, illness or distress, whereas our fur friends look to us to “just know” when they are in need. Who among us has not faced that awful moment when your heart animal looks to you for help with only confusion and pain in their eyes? I think most of us have and being responsible and loving parents, we rush to take action in that moment.

Freddie dog with his little tennis ball.

If we are lucky, this nightmare happens during the daytime and we have a solid relationship with a primary veterinarian who will make space for an appointment that instant. In those cases, we know the vet, we have confidence they are going to help us make the right decision based on fact and the history of our fur child. Compassion is high, a personal bond likely exists, the vet is familiar with the animal/owner and desired outcome. They can speak honestly and frankly about treatments, costs and end results. Together, you can make choices and they help you set a path that is best and honors your pet. If a hard or tough conversation is needed, the existing bond is leveraged and the known respect honored in both directions. This is the best case scenario.


Unfortunately, in a great deal of cases, the clock for disaster strikes after the 9-5 world of your primary care vet. When this happens, when the option to wait till the next morning for treatment is not possible, we all look for immediate help from any place that will make the horror stop and help our fur baby find relief. That help normally comes in the form on one option, the Emergency Vet.


Freddie dog hiding amongst a bunch of stuffed animals.

Even the mention of the Emergency Vet is enough to send shivers of fear and anxiety through some owners. Emergency Clinics are known for higher costs, longer stays, tend to be less personal and more fact based. However, most of this can be explained by the circumstance of the facility. The Emergency Vet is designed to be opened and staffed 24/7, more people and more hours than your normal vet team. The Emergency Vet normally has equipment and medication that your normal vet may not have in their offices, after all, by design the Emergency Team is there to handle the most severe and difficult cases every day.  Often their bedside manner may seem diminished or worn because of the nature of their work, as they see trauma, injuries and bad outcomes on a more regular basis. In addition, they are not familiar with you and your pet, you are not regular patients and there is no relationship already in place.  Lastly, Emergency Clinics are forced to triage and rank their patients by injury.  This means your loved one may not be the most critical case in the waiting room, even though they are the most critical to you. Waiting is not easy and emotions can run high. As you can see, by the very nature of their work load, patient triage, treatment needs and outcomes, the Emergency Vet is a vastly different place than your primary care Veterinarian.

At Freddie’s Place, we take all these factors into consideration. Our facilities offer walk in services for wellness (every day), Emergency (non-life threatening) and Urgent Care (life threatening).  We are training and ready to triage with compassion,  gauge your loved ones health need and advise you on options and treatments.

Our non-commissioned veterinarians don’t up-sell and aren’t tied to vendors or corporations, so we treat to need, not profits. We don’t add services or advise unnecessary tests to boost our own bottom line. Freddie’s place works on a model designed to put patients and guests (not profits) first. We treat you like family.

Our veterinarians, technicians and front desk staff all believe in creating a welcoming and warm environment in our facilities. Everyone on our staff is or has been a pet owner and has been faced with medical emergency or wellness care needs for their fur family. We have lived what we do from the patient and provider side and we care deeply about our guests experience while they are with us.

If cost is a potential road block, talk to our front desk staff to see if we can help you find a solution.  Our team knows of programs and options that can, potentially, help you worry less about the financial aspect and more about the wellness outcome. We keep an eye on the cost of care for you by offering some of the most attractive, and often the lowest, costs for care in the industry. In the end, we make our patient is the most important number in the equation at Freddie’s Place. 

Isn’t is time you “Get the Ball Rolling” in your pets health needs? Use the link above to jump in line on our wait list, or walk on in for a visit today…

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