This month’s Pet of the Month is this itty bitty guy here, Canelo! At the time, this feline was only around 8 weeks old and had been recently adopted. When Canelo arrived at our hospital late at night, his parents described lack of appetite, diarrhea and vomiting. With him being so young, the best move was to test for feline panleukemia. This highly contagious disease in cats is commonly transmitted when cats come in contact with the feces of infected cats. We were all heartbroken when the test returned positive since only about 10% of patients with this disease make it out alive, even with the correct treatment. Canelo was hospitalized for 3 days at our hospital where he received the proper care and treatment from our team. We were all amazed at Canelo’s will to fight through this, and he reigned a champion in the end with a negative panleukemia test! This little guy provides the perfect example as to why it is important to seek an initial exam and preventative care.