Hello Freddie Friends!

We are very pleased to introduce everyone to our Patient of the Month, Secoya! Secoya is a super sweet 4-month-old Pitbull puppy who was brought in to see us on April 9th after being bitten by a baby rattlesnake that was in the owner’s backyard! The owners quickly noticed swelling and brought her in right away for an emergency visit. Our team responded quickly with a treatment plan for Secoya. Secoya was hospitalized placed on fluids and was closely monitored overnight.  The owners were finally able to pick her up the following afternoon. They continued managing the pain and swelling with oral medications at home. We were so happy to not only hear that Secoya was able to make a full recovery within just a couple of days, but to also share her story with other pet owners in the local area!

A huge part of Secoya’s recovery was based on her family’s quick response in getting her to an emergency hospital. This helped her to receive the proper treatment right away, especially in a such a time sensitive emergency.

Our advice to all pet owners is to please be mindful of your surroundings when walking or hiking with your pets. In the event that a life-threatening emergency to seek medical attention at your nearest emergency. We want to give a huge “THANK YOU” to Secoya and her family for not only allowing us to share this experience with everyone but for trusting us with her care.

– Freddie’s Place Animal Hospital and Urgent Care