Willow was rescued, along with her brother Charlie, from deep in Baja. They were in the wrong hands and were stolen as puppies to keep them from becoming “bait” dogs.

After adoption agreements were made, they were driven 18 hours to the border and placed in her adopted family’s hands. Willow’s mom still tells her the story of how she and her brother were transported by coyotes and had to learn English, making them the smartest bilingual dogs. Once Willow and her brother crossed the Mexican/US border, they met the Doggai Llama, a pug on hospice who couldn’t walk anymore. Willow and Charlie revered the Doggai Llama until she made her journey over the rainbow bridge.

Recently, Willow decided to play with a marble, unbeknownst to her family, and accidentally swallowed it. She tried to keep it a secret, but eventually she needed emergency attention. It turns out that swallowing a marble wasn’t the worst fate, because it helped her family find Freddie’s Place where she received the best care from the most loving staff!