T’was the month before Christmas and all through the night, our pet was not well and we were in a terrible fright.
As we drove around town, our minds quickly racing… the hunt seemed futile, our time time was a wasting.
But what did we spy in the distance ahead? A beacon of light and a dogs ball so red.
As we pulled in the lot we new right away, that Freddie’s Place was open, maybe they’d save the day.
Freddie’s Elves were so caring, their manner so dear… our pet knew in an instant there was nothing to fear.
In a flash he was examined, the treatment was quick. With a shot and a good rest he’d no longer be sick.
Then we worked up the courage to look at the bill, our mood went from sadness, to wonder and thrill.
For the price we were given for all that good care, the cost that they charged… it was surprisingly fair.
So if you find your pet needing Urgent Care late one night, find the glowing small dog and follow the shine of his red balls light.
Seek out the Elves at this Best Care Anywhere Place, and a Jolly Dog named Freddie with a smile on his face.