Dog Gone it, San Diego is Canine Crazy! Few cities in country offer more dog friendly places for fur kids to join their families on an outing. Regardless if you want to dine with doggo, hike with your hairy hero, or roam the town with Rover… San Diego has you covered.

To help you get this walk stared, FreddieSez has done some sniffing around and has some suggestions in key catless-gories for you to try!

Let’s face it, dogs like to eat. It’s in the top three of their favorite things in life. Here are a few area eateries that have a dedicated dog dining areas:

Backyard Kitchen and Tap in Pacific Beach
This popular area sports bar is hopping during games and it can get loud inside but their open air patio is dog friendly and has a much calmer atmosphere. They don’t have a dog specific menu but they do bake their own dog biscuits with fresh ingredients. There is a fantastic and varied human food, as well. Dogs are welcomed anytime but Pacific Beach is less busy during the daytime hours.

Working Class in North Park
Working Class welcomes fur kids who like to eat in the open air. In fact, they have two separate outdoor patios that cater to your canine. This unique eatery is specializing in pub style food from breakfast through dinner. Order yourself a beer and great meal, then let your fur kid dine from offerings on a dog only menu.

Shorehouse Kitchen in LA Jolla
What about a hip eats joint has a dedicated dog menu that is off the chain (but your dog needs to stay on the leash)? This place has the goods.The human menu is varied and looks delicious. Plan activities around an early day, as Shorehouse closes after lunch. You can check out human and dog menus online to plan that meal in advance of your visit.

After a good meal, how about a romp on the beach? Unclip and run free at these locations but remember to clean up after your pooch. Here’s a short list of San Diego dog friendly “off the leash” beaches…

Fiesta Island Off Leash Park
Visitors to this park state that the sight is its own dog island paradise. Lots of room to roam on land, beach and ocean. Low and slow waves allow dogs more in water time with less fear and concern. Located at 150 E. Mission Bay Dr. San Diego

Del Mar Dog Beach
Users say that this location allows free and fast running for dogs and their people alike. Clean beaches with lots of positive interactions. Located at 150 E. Mission Bay Dr. San Diego other dogs.

Ocean Beach Dog Beach
Surf dogs describe the area as clean, friendly and accessible for dogs and humans alike. For additional fun, arrive at low tide for access to sand bars and tide pools. Located at the end of Voltaire St in Ocean Beach.

Lastly, hiking is a must for energetic dogs on the go. San Diego has great trails for all levels hikers, human and four legged. A few popular ones are…

Sunset Trail in Laguna
Again, is described as a 3 mile loop rated “EASY” , so all levels of healthy dogs and their human sidekicks should have no issues finishing. Lots of shade, smells and a fantastic pond in the center of the walk are just some of the features. Don’t expect to be fast, as most dogs want to stop and smell the roses and the last guy that walked by and the dead stuff and a frog and a woman that burped two weeks ago.

Cowles Mountain Trail
Gets a rating as “Moderately Difficult” but has plenty of space shade to pull off and rest four legs and a droopy tongue. Bring lots of water and be ready to take breaks on the 1.5 mile hike up to the highest point in San Diego. Great views and scenic photo opportunities, what dog doesn’t bring the cheese and poses when they are out?. This trail is mega popular, so be prepared for crowds.

All dogs should be leashed during hikes. Be sure to pick up after your buddy, no body likes a “leave behind pooper”.  Be prepared with water and supplies. Know the trail expectations before you leave.

San Diego offers tons more eateries, beaches and trails, more than you can wag a tail at!! Check places like Yelp or Google for more detailed lists, menus and reviews. We can’t tell you where to go but you can’t stay here when the blog is over.

In addition, check out fun pet friendly spots like Aqua Adventures, Old Towne State Park, rent a cabin in Idyllwind, enjoy a Padres game at Petco Park or take in the sights at the Spanish Village Art Center. All these places welcome you with open paws.

We hope this creates some fresh ideas for you and the fur fam. Eats, treats, hiking feets, walks, balks, scenic views or dinner with brews… all of this and more await you and your one and only furry faced friend here in dog friendly San Diego. All you have to do is unleash your imagination!

That’s it for today’s FreddieSez! Thanks for reading along. Let us know if there are any topics or ideas you’d like us to dig into. We’d love to hear what you think, so leave us a “bark back” in the comments below. We’ll Howl at you next time!!

… FreddieSez does not promote or endorse any of the businesses or locations listed. We suggest you do personal research and planning before taking any trip with your pet. Every pet is different and you know your fur kids tolerance better than anyone.